An artist in the making….

2014. A twist of fate leads to James purchasing his first (of many) typewriters to come.

The previous owner of James’ first typewriter, a handsome 1956 Oliver Courier, were an elderly couple looking to sell up their heap of antiques stored away in their dusty bungalow attic. With a couple of squirts of WD40, James was able to transform this clunky writing device into a well-lubricated portrait-generating machine.  

James lives in the UK. He receives typewriter commissions from across the world (largely across the pond in the USA.) Without reservation, he will tackle any typewriter project that comes in his direction; be it album covers to book cover and portraits of pets to wedding anniversary presents. Unbounded by any challenge he faces, James looks to improve his typewriter skills and expertise in shading with the @ symbol.

5 years later, James now owns half-a-dozen typewriters and has been able to share and sell his artwork to musicians, actors and various public figures.